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Baga Nagaa dhufitan!
Garbummaan Jiraachuu irra Bilisummaf Du’u Nuf Wayya? / Welcome!

www.meeshaalee.nl irraa

Wagga tokko. Duraa nuti www.meeshaalee.nl.
Dargaggoo Gadaa Hundeefi Manette Ingenegeren. Haala barbaachisa ta’een fi isiin nu ajajjaniin filanno keessanin fi dandeetti ofi keenya itti dabalee karalee adda addaan meeshalee fi uffata aadaa Oromoo isiin biraan gaha turre. Ammas gaha jirra. Hamilee fi kayyoon keenya akka galma gahuuf yaada nuf kenna kan turtani fi kenna jirtaan baayee isiin galatoomfanna.
Ammas ammas yaada qabdaan nungaha nuf gumaacha isiinin jecha www.meeshaalee.nl website keenya irra wantoota isiin barbaarchisuu ilaalan afferraa keenya.
Kayyoon keenya meeshaalee aadaa Oromoo uummata Oromoo biraan gahuudha akkasumaas dezaayina isiin barbaaddan haala isiin barabaaddanin isiin biraan gahuudha. Meeshaalee kamiyyuu yookin wanta yaaddaan nu gafachuu dandeessu.
Hub.yaada fi qeeqa qabdaan nun gahaan afferraa keenya.
Horaa buula!!
www.meeshaalee.nl irraa.
Bilisuummaan uummata Oromoof!!!

www.meeshaalee.nl akkuma baramee filannoo mammiltoota isaa kan gidduu galeeffate uffata suufi jakeetti suufa haala armaan gadii argitaan kanan isiin bira gahuuf qophii xumuree jira.
Filannoo keessan kinoo kan jaalattan isiinif erguu daandeenya.isinitti jabaa.
A. kan Abba gadaa
B. kan ABO


We are Manette Ingenegeren and Gadaa Hunde. We have put our creative skills together to make all kinds of beautiful Oromo related products. We have years of experience in photography, filming, editing and designing.

Our goal is our dream to make the Oromo culture more visible and accessible, for Oromo of course, but also for people who have no idea about Oromo and their culture.
Being creative is fun and it is a challenge to make all kinds of objects that make people happy.

Besides photo and film, we use a lot of different materials. Take a look at the website and you will understand. Meeshaalee means material, all kinds of culture material that is used inside and outside the house. We are photographers, filmers and designers, but above all we are very creative and open for every new suggestion. We love what we are doing, we enjoy it every day.

What we can do for you depends also on you. If you like a special design, have special wishes or ideas, or maybe you want a photo shoot in the studio, a reportage by photo or video, you can contact us.

So if there is something you really would like us to design or realize: let us know!www.meeshaalee.nl is a colorful website where you can select all kinds of Oromo related products. The order proces is very easy and we send the products where ever you want.What we do is unique, we hear it every day from enthousiastic Oromos from all parts of the world. We do it for all Oromo, we want to make them happy with beautiful ‘meeshaalee’.We want Meeshaalee to grow like a tree, a big tree with a lot of branches. The tree wil never stop growing. We would like to share www.meeshaalee.nl to more and more people.

Oromo (people) live in a part of Ethiopia, called Oromiyaa.
They have their own culture, which is very powerful.
But the Oromos are also living in all parts of the world, because of the bad situation for Oromos in Ethiopia.
In Ethiopia it is not allowed to express yourself as an Oromo.

We want to support all Oromos by Meeshaalee.

What do you think of this? Please share, comment and put it on any website!

We would like to raise some money for developing Meeshaalee.
We need it to design new products, buy materials, like fabrics, machines, wood, leather, beads and so on.

Go to https://www.gofundme.com/gdw99sgc and donate.

It means a lot to us if you want to support us in our development of Meeshaalee for all Oromos, inside and outside Oromiyaa.
Like when you start your life after being born, you will grow and get bigger and taller and wiser until you are an adult.
Meeshaalee has just been born. To grow we need your support.
Ideas and suggestions are welcome as well!

We will be very grateful for any gifts we receive!!!
You will not be disappointed!

To follow what we are doing please check out:
Meeshaalee Amazing Oromo Shopping (Facebook page)